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Imperva Data Security Suite

Imperva is helping companies answer 4 critical questions:
  • Are my applications secure from data breaches? These apps are web front apps, SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, SharePoint and PeopleSoft.
  • Who has the rights to access my data inside my apps, databases and file servers?
  • Who actually, in real time is accessioning my data?
  • Am I compliant with POPI, PCI and KING III?
The cyber security threat landscape has changed from disrupting networks and their availability to maliciously stealing data – Data is money in today’s world. Data such as client data, credit card data, HR data, you name it - this is the blood line of of every company today.

Traditional security technology such as Firewalling, IDS/ IPS and DLP, which by the way have cost SA companies billions of investment over the last 10 years, can't combat the latest threat – We see this in the news every day – Post Bank, SONY, Google, AXA Insurance all had the these traditional tool which proved inadequate within seconds of the attack. Another thing Imperva see is that the method of attacks have gone from targeted attacks to automated industrialised hacking, making everyone a target.

Imperva offers a range of products to assist companies – these products are flexibly deployed inside any network, big or small. The following products are offered:
  • Web Application Security – Protecting Vulnerable Web Applications – Real-Time Virtual Patching
  • Database Security – Activity Monitoring – Database Real-Time Patching – User Rights Management – Database Firewall
  • File Security – Activity Monitoring – File Firewall – User Rights Management
  • Meet Compliance – Address Auditing Requirements – Comprehensive Reports
Additionally, please find below range of 2 minute movies which provide a summary of the solution set:

More Information
Imperva Data Security Suite - Web Application Firewall
Imperva Data Security Suite - Database
Imperva Data Security Suite - File Security Demo
Imperva Data Security Suite - Data sheet
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