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Project Services
Pronto IT Solutions provides various project services to its customers for the total project or as a part thereof. The main project services can be divided into the following categories, although many other projects are handled:

In this phase we will perform a high-level assessment which will help the customer identify the IT service delivery areas in the organisation that would require the most activity in terms of process management. Assessments benefit from information gathered during interviews with key players and/or main users of IT in the organisation. Areas that would be investigated, include management of service (and service levels), capacity, availability, security, releasing of new software, etc.

During this phase Pronto IT Solutions will, inter alia, get to understand the requirements, create a charter, identify standards and produce a high level description of customer requirements from a variety of sources. A gap analysis comparing the current service delivery processes and policies with international best standards will also be done. Pronto IT Solutions will also document the customer's current environment (if any) including support, monitoring and reporting tools and establish a baseline for service delivery.

During this phase the information gathered during the Architecture Phase is used to draft the policies, procedures and quality criteria in terms of people, processes and products, which will define the service levels during the Management Phase. It is also during this phase that the tolerances for the SLA's are determined and agreed. The physical building and set-up of the infrastructure (hardware, software & network) required to deliver the proposed service is also completed.

This is the actual phase where the services, roles, responsibilities and SLA's are defined and the engagement is managed and controlled accordingly. During this phase the team will continuously try to improve standards, quality, TCO and ROI.
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